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Modern Grotto

Modern Grotto Maneuver Prototype: 2007-2010

Design Research Team: Simon Koumjian III with Skylar Tibbits http://www.sjet.us/Bio.html, Jared Laucks http://fab.cba.mit.edu/classes/863.12/people/jared/about.html, and Brandon Kruysman http://cargocollective.com/thecognomen/PROFILE

Research: maneuvering non-linear geometry with computational tools into a matrix of lines to form surface topography and generate the structure and enclosure. Laser cutting techniques were implemented for full scaled geometry translation and construction.

Non-linear geometry enclosure- test#7

Non-linear geometry enclosure- test#7

Prototype program: bathroom, canopy and seating area formed in non-linear geometry as a cost-efficient prototype addition to conventional suburban houses. Within a 55 sq. ft area maximize the cost efficiency of the budget by enhancing the spatial experience in an exploration of light, line and volume with points and lines.


Construction Budget: $ 37,000

Concept - drawings and  models

Concept – drawings and models

laminar flow wall-perspective-#14

laminar flow wall-perspective-#14

laminar flow wall-numbered boards

laminar flow wall-numbered boards

laminar flow wall constructed

laminar flow wall constructed

Modern Grotto

Modern Grotto



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